Topic Suggestions

You lack ideas for the topic of your thesis? Here you can find suggestions!

We supervise your thesis (in german or english) in the fields of economics, law and digitization. If you have any other interesting topics or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Activist investors – What role do they play in the financial world and can you benefit from them as a shareholder?
  • Australia – A fundamental analysis of the stock market
  • Can machine learning improve the accuracy of stock price forecasts?
  • Company acquisitions and mergers – Do shareholders benefit from such management decisions?
  • Egypt – A fundamental analysis of the stock market
  • eSport – The next big think in the 21th century
  • EU Financial Transaction Tax – Legal and Economic Aspects
  • Football, Money, Success – An analysis since the Bosman ruling
  • Have shareholders benefited financially from the takeover of their company?
  • How good are the top 5 investment firms like BlackRock, Vanguard and Co.? – An comparative and empirical analysis
  • Netflix, DAZN and Co. – A survey of who has what
  • What were the fines for breaches of data protection after more than a year of the EU- General Data Protection Regulation?